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Add configuration sample

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......@@ -131,7 +131,6 @@ class ControllerStatic(CapybaraNetty):
self.external_targets_for_optimizations = []
self.optimization_threshold_ms = 0
self.daemon_interval = self.config["controller_interval"]
self.route_stickiness_time = self.config["controller_static_route_stickiness_time"]
self.G_all = nx.Graph()
async def run(self):
# Rename ihts file to config.yaml in order for it to be loaded
# External Target list whose routes will be optimized
- ""
# List of targets and their names (optional)
"": "tg-test-test"
"": "tg-test-test2"
# Interval every x seconds when pingers should run
pinger_interval: 10
# Interval every x seconds when visualizer should generate graphs
visualizer_interval: 60
# Whether to include optimized latency metrics at node edges in visualizations "latency [optimized latency]"
visualizer_include_factual_weight: true
# Height of PyVis visualization
visualizer_pyvis_size_height: "1280px"
# Width of PyVis visualization
visualizer_pyvis_size_width: "2560px"
# Server SSH user which has access to FRR VTY via sudo
default_router_ssh_user: debian
# Threshold for an optimized route to be installed
# If the possible optimization is smaller than the threshold it will not be installed
optimization_threshold_ms: 8
# The IP address range for p2p peers between servers
tunnel_network_base: ''
# The IP addresse range for /32 interfaces on each server
dummy_network_base: ''
# Prefix for all interfaces created on server
router_interface_prefix: 't-'
# Interface group ID (used in order to cleanup interfaces from previous runs)
router_interface_group_id: 143
# Interface name for loopback interface on each server (this has prefix added automatically)
router_dummy_interface_name: "main"
log_level: 'DEBUG'
# Interval every x seconds when controller will run and calculate the latency optimized paths
controller_interval: 20
# Used for debugging - for each possible optimization stores previous latency metrics
controller_static_improvement_optimization_history_count: 60
# Interval x seconds in order for a route to be considered stable to be installed
controller_static_improvement_stable_time: 20
# Whether to store all commands ran via SSH on servers in log files
per_host_ssh_log: false
# Output directory for all commands ran via SSH on servers
per_host_ssh_log_output_directory: "./out/"
# PowerDNS API endpoint utilized to create PTR and A records
dns_pdns_api_endpoint: ""
# PowerDNS API key
dns_pdns_api_key: "pdnsapikey"
# PowerDNS PTR zone where all internal interface IPs will be stored
dns_ptr_zone: ""
# PowerDNS zone where server domain names will be stored
dns_name_zone: ""
# Whether to delete all preexisting domain names in the aforementioned PTR zone
dns_ptr_delete_existing: True
# Whether to delete all preexisting domain names in the aforementioned zone
dns_name_delete_existing: True
# Used to debug issues where a route is considered installed by controller, however isn't actually installed
router_debug_assert_routes: False
# This is utilized as a filter for all hosts discovered via Inventory. If this list is defined with more than
# 0 element it will only use hosts which match the names in this list
#- "rbx1"
# When a host is discovered in Inventory - override its hostname (old: new)
# useful to improve visualizations
nondescript-name: rbx-overriden
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