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Add route addition/deletion lifecycle for ControllerStatic

parent 2dfd604e
......@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@ class CapybaraNetty(metaclass=MetaCapybaraNetty):
def __init__(self):
self.config = {"external_targets_for_optimizations": [], "pinger_interval": 10}
logging.basicConfig(stream=sys.stdout, format="%(levelname)-8s:%(name)-24s.%(funcName)-40s:%(message)-s")
logging.basicConfig(stream=sys.stdout, format="%(levelname)-8s:%(name)-40s.%(funcName)-40s:%(message)-s")
def setup_config(self):
......@@ -57,7 +57,3 @@ class CapybaraNetty(metaclass=MetaCapybaraNetty):
def log_format_ip(ip):
return f"{ip:<16s}"
def log_format_name(name):
return f"{name:<20s}"
......@@ -21,7 +21,9 @@ class ControllerStatic(CapybaraNetty):
if len(self.pinger_data) > 0:
G = self.get_latency_graph()
await self.add_viable_external_routes(G)
current_best_routes = await self.get_viable_external_routes(G)
await self.install_viable_external_routes(current_best_routes)
# print(G)
# G_simple = await self.get_host_latency_overview()
......@@ -80,11 +82,12 @@ class ControllerStatic(CapybaraNetty):"VIABLE OPTIMIZATION: {optimized_ms:<3d}ms {'->'.join(path[::-1])}")
return G
async def add_viable_external_routes(self, G):
async def get_viable_external_routes(self, G):
current_best_routes = {}
for node in G.nodes():
if G.nodes[node]["type"] == "router" and "improved_path_info" in G.nodes[node]:
current_router = G.nodes[node]["obj"]
routes = []
current_router_improved_routes = []
for path_obj in G.nodes[node]["improved_path_info"]:
idx = path_obj["path"].index(node)
path_len = len(path_obj["path"])
......@@ -99,7 +102,7 @@ class ControllerStatic(CapybaraNetty):
exit_gateway_ip = ipaddress.ip_interface(
"prefix": f"{path_obj['target']}/32",
"gateway": exit_gateway_ip,
......@@ -109,8 +112,24 @@ class ControllerStatic(CapybaraNetty):
except IndexError:
self.__logger.debug(f"Skipping route for {path_obj['target']} due to IndexError")
await current_router.add_routes(routes)
# Store the new route objects for best paths
current_best_routes.update({current_router: current_router_improved_routes})
return current_best_routes
async def install_viable_external_routes(self, current_best_routes):
# Compare existing routes and the ones which are CURRENT best routes
# If there are any existing routes which are not used
for router, new_routes in current_best_routes.items():
# Convert dict to list of routes
current_managed_routes = list(router.managed_routes.values())
routes_to_be_deleted = [old_route for old_route in current_managed_routes if old_route not in new_routes]
routes_to_be_added = [new_route for new_route in new_routes if new_route not in current_managed_routes]
self.__logger.debug(f"{router.log_name()} has {len(routes_to_be_deleted)} DEL ROUTE actions")
self.__logger.debug(f"{router.log_name()} has {len(routes_to_be_added)} ADD ROUTE actions")
# todo async
await router.del_routes(routes_to_be_deleted)
await router.add_routes(routes_to_be_added)
def get_improvement_obj(target, path, optimization_ms):
......@@ -70,7 +70,7 @@ class Router(CapybaraNetty):
self.default_interface_name = default_route["nexthops"][0]["interfaceName"]
return self.default_interface_name
except StopIteration:
self.__logger.error(f"{self.log_format_name(} has no default route")
self.__logger.error(f"{self.log_name()} has no default route")
def get_default_interface_ip(self):
......@@ -91,15 +91,20 @@ class Router(CapybaraNetty):
if self.debug_assert_routes:
await self.assert_route_state()
async def del_routes(self, routes):
for route in routes:
stdout, stderr = await self.vty.del_routes(routes)
if self.debug_assert_routes:
await self.assert_route_state(must_not_exist=routes)
async def del_existing_interfaces(self):
command = f"sudo ip link delete group {self.interface_group_id}"
await self.ssh_exec(command)
except asyncssh.process.ProcessError as e:
if "No such device" in e.stderr:
f"{self.log_format_name(} There were no interfaces in group {self.interface_group_id}"
self.__logger.warning(f"{self.log_name()} There were no interfaces in group {self.interface_group_id}")
self.interfaces = []
......@@ -114,6 +119,9 @@ class Router(CapybaraNetty):
def add_managed_route_info(self, route):
self.managed_routes.update({route["prefix"]: route})
def del_managed_route_info(self, route):
del self.managed_routes[route["prefix"]]
def del_managed_routes_info(self):
self.managed_routes = {}
......@@ -148,19 +156,33 @@ class Router(CapybaraNetty):
self.interfaces = await self.vty.get_interfaces()
return self.interfaces
# Confirms that the routes we have created actually exist
async def assert_route_state(self):
# By default checks if our managed routes - exist on the router
# if must_not_exist is passed - will check for the on-existence of passed routes
async def assert_route_state(self, must_not_exist=None):
if must_not_exist is None:
must_not_exist = []
await self.get_routes()
for k, v in self.managed_routes.items():
self.__logger.debug(f"{self.log_format_name(} Asserting existence of {v['prefix']}")
self.__logger.debug(f"{self.log_name()} Asserting existence of {v['prefix']}")
assert any(route["prefix"] == v["prefix"] for route in self.routes)
except AssertionError:
self.__logger.error(f"{self.log_format_name(} Route {v['prefix']} is not setup")
self.__logger.error(f"{self.log_name()} Route {v['prefix']} is not setup")
for v in must_not_exist:
self.__logger.debug(f"{self.log_name()} Asserting nonexistence of {v['prefix']}")
assert not any(route["prefix"] == v["prefix"] for route in self.routes)
except AssertionError:
self.__logger.error(f"{self.log_name()} Route {v['prefix']} is setup, but shouldn't be")
async def ssh_exec(self, command, **kwargs):
return await super(Router, self).ssh_exec(self.ip, self.ssh_user, command=command)
def __str__(self):
return f"{} @ {self.ip} with {len(self.managed_interfaces)} interfaces"
return f"{self.log_name()} @ {self.ip} with {len(self.managed_interfaces)} interfaces"
def log_name(self):
return f"{<20s}"
......@@ -14,8 +14,11 @@ class Vty(CapybaraNetty):
def ssh_is_alive(self, **kwargs):
return super(Vty, self).ssh_is_alive(self.host_ip, self.host_user)
def build_vty_exec(self, commands: list):
base = "sudo vtysh -c 'configure term'"
def build_vty_exec(self, commands: list, echo_commands=False):
additional_vtysh_flags = ""
if echo_commands:
additional_vtysh_flags += " -E "
base = f"sudo vtysh {additional_vtysh_flags} -c 'configure term'"
exec_commands = []
for command in commands:"{self.log_format_ip(self.host_ip)} CMD: {command}")
......@@ -47,6 +50,16 @@ class Vty(CapybaraNetty):
async def del_routes(self, routes: list):
commands = []
if len(routes) > 0:
for route in routes:
commands.append(f"no {self.generate_route_config_cmd(**route)} tag 2")
return await self.ssh_exec(
self.build_vty_exec(commands, echo_commands=True),
return None, None
async def show_route(self, prefix):
stdout, stderr = await self.ssh_exec(self.build_vty_exec([f"do show ip route {prefix}"]))
return stdout
......@@ -91,7 +104,7 @@ class Vty(CapybaraNetty):
for route in route_cmds:
no_route_cmds.append(f"no {route}")
await self.ssh_exec(
self.build_vty_exec(no_route_cmds, echo_commands=True),
async def get_interfaces(self):
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